Nationwide Pet Insurance Review – Everything You Need to Know

Most of you consider pets as your family part, so a good pet insurance company ensures to keep them healthy and happy. Sadly, when pets get injured or sick, it may indicate unexpected vet visits, and these vet bills can become pretty expensive.

Like human health insurance, Nationwide Pet Insurance helps make more affordable care for your pets by paying costs relating to a pet health crisis or new health issues. It is one such renowned coverage source established ninety years back and began as a modest auto insurer. Nationwide was based in Columbus, Ohio, and has evolved as a universally recognized establishment offering several insurance products accompanying investment and retirement products. Nationwide pet insurance reviews shall help you cover all the necessary details you need to know about it, and thus you may decide what’s ideal for your pet.

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How to Login Nationwide Pet Insurance

To log in to nationwide pet insurance, follow these easy steps:

1. First, visit the site of nationwide insurance for pets through its official link.

2. Login by providing your ‘Username’ followed by ‘Password.’

3. The Login screen will appear after your successful login!

You’ll receive a ‘successfully logged in’ notification; thus, you’re officially linked with Nationwide.

However, it is necessary to remember the login details for account recovery during future logins. This is particularly true when you lose the phone number or email access you utilized for account creation.

The Claim of Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide provides some distinct approaches for filing claims. Clients may log into their accounts, and submitting claims through smartphones or computers. You may even keep your invoice’s picture on your phone. Furthermore, one can even download a PDF claim document from their websites which they must submit via snail mail, fax or email.

Here is the most common nationwide pet insurance claim list for exotic pets so that you get an idea of the expense type you’ll have to cover for your special pet.


The most famous exotic nationwide policy is Rabbits. Average claims worth $5000 are proposed yearly for medical problems. This includes urethritis/ cystitis, arthritis, conjunctivitis, overgrown teeth, and ileus or gastrointestinal status.


Nationwide offers insurance for several different age birds comprising macaw of 90 years ago. Several problems are generally for birds, counting reproductive conditions and infections to soft tissue injury and self-mutilation.


Bearded dragons are the most famous Nationwide’s insured reptile. Common Nationwide pet insurance claims for this species include bacterial infection, upper respiratory, enteropathy, and internal parasites. In addition, Nationwide offered the oldest reptile insurance to a tortoise aged a hundred years.

Small mammals:

Customary small mammals claim to add up to $ 10000 to cover urinary tract problems, bacterial infections, gastrointestinal status, skin masses, overgrown teeth, and horn/hoof diseases.

Various Plans of Nationwide Pet Insurance

Don’t you wish to obtain any pet insurance that always precedes an additional mile, or do you wish to occupy expenses with a plan including only accidents that won’t finance anything for your pet’s illnesses? Or anything in between?

Nationwide pet insurance plans cover several health-related conditions where wellness is generally very costly, yet it can be considered when you desire fuller coverage. Nationwide pet insurance presents four big plans for dogs and cats, where each policy consists nose to tail insurance. However, the conditions might vary depending on your selected plan kind, and all its plans include $250 as a fixed deductible.

Nationwide pet insurance plans can be commonly divided into:

1. Major Medical:

Major Medical is Nationwide’s most economical pet insurance plan. It covers basic illnesses and accidents plus permits pet owners to utilize any hospital or veterinarian they prefer. However, this plan’s yearly deductible is set at $250, and the annual benefits are presumed based on the medical condition. Therefore, this plan is usually not obtainable for older pets.

2. Whole Pet:

The Whole Pet is a plan for older pets covering all the Major Medical Plan benefits yet includes some holistic, prescription, behavioral, and dental treatment coverage. The Whole Pet plan’s yearly deductible is set at $250 and comprehensive annual benefits at $10000.

3. Major Medical with Wellness:

Major Medical with Wellness plan from Nationwide is an improved version of the Major Medical plan. This comprises illness prevention, bloodwork, vaccinations, and wellness exams. Like Major Medical, its yearly deductible is predetermined at $250, while the maximum annual benefit relies on the pet’s condition. Unfortunately, this plan isn’t always accessible for older pets.

4. Whole Pet with Wellness:

Whole Pet with Wellness is the most customizable and comprehensive pet insurance plan Nationwide, having a wide coverage range. Its yearly deductible is rigid at $250; however, it has unlimited annual benefits. All pet owners may choose reimbursement level adjustment from 90% to 50% or 70%. The plan cost can drop with a lower reimbursement percentage.

However, these plans might not be accessible for exotic pets. Moreover, Nationwide needs owners of rodents, reptiles, birds, and exotic pets to call the customer service agent of Nationwide Pet Insurance for acquiring costs, coverage, and plans.

About Nationwide Pet Insurance Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing conditions are generally any injury or illnesses that a pet had previously had before the beginning of coverage. However, not every pre-existing condition is omitted permanently. For example, if you’ve medicinal history from your veterinarian showing that they cured the condition of your pet no less than six months, then you might get this covered. Same as other pet insurance schemes, such plans won’t insure your pet’s pre-existing conditions, which take place during the waiting period or before the coverage starts.

Nationwide pet insurance pre-existing conditions hold a better definition over several of its contenders. If you introduce that you had restored the vet history justifying the pre-existing condition for not less than six months, it might be acceptable for coverage when it comes back again.

Few plans don’t need medical records or veterinary exams for enrolment. Yet illnesses and injuries that precede the enrolment date aren’t eligible for coverage. So, for instance, when your dog gets a paw bust after falling down the stairs during March, but you registered in April, then the insurance can’t cover the medical expenses linked with the injury.

You may avail of pet insurance for a few pre-existing conditions. Nevertheless, some insurers cover curable ones like ear infections.

The Coverage of Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide pet insurance coverage, rates, and policy choices may vary depending on your location and pet. Hence, it’s crucial to go through the insurer’s website for a cost entirely depending on your particular pet. Furthermore, it is vital to check what isn’t covered by the let insurance. For example, if you don’t have the top-tier scheme of Nationwide, they won’t add vaccines and wellness visits.

Even on schemes with routine care coverage, the plan might not make up for entire care costs. Moreover, likewise other insurance providers, nationwide pet insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions. However, it has several pet insurance plans to select from, including:

1. Whole Pet with Wellness covers:

  • Hospitalization and surgeries
  • Illnesses and accidents
  • Chronic conditions
  • Wellness exams
  • Hereditary conditions
  • Dental cleaning
  • Vaccinations
  • Heartworm/ Flea prevention
  • Prescriptions

The annual deductible is set at $250, plus you’ve to repay 90% of the expenses after clearing the deductible.

2. Major Medical With Wellness covers:

  • Illness and accidents
  • Chronic conditions
  • Hospitalization and surgeries
  • Vaccinations
  • Tests and wellness exams
  • Cancer
  • Few hereditary conditions, along with a waiting period of one year
  • Flea and heartworm prevention
  • Prescriptions

The annual deductible is set at $100. Post-meeting of this deductible, the coverage depends on the benefits schedule, and the owners have to pay the fees which surpass those mentioned.

3. Major Medical plan covers:

  • Illness and accidents
  • Cancer
  • Few hereditary conditions

However, this plan holds a yearly deductible fixed at $100 for a lesser monthly premium.

Apart from cars and dogs, nationwide pet insurance coverage is available for birds and exotic animals like turtles, iguanas, hamsters, potbellied pigs, goats, geckos, snakes, and chinchillas.

Nationwide Pet Insurance Customer Service Review

The Nationwide pet insurance customer service review is mixed up, with few clients presenting reviews while others report poor or inconsistent customer experience. This Nationwide pet insurance review is especially true in the case of filing claims.

The customer service option of Nationwide is restricted, while the only contact mediums are through email or phone, which are watched six days every week for specific hours. It’s afar that 24/7 service is provided by most of the pet insurers via social media, text, or web chat.

Nationwide pet insurance customer reviews are majority negative where most clients point toward particular problems with being repaid for claims and claim submission. Thus, it is advisable to do proper research before finishing an application, and then ascertain what’s perfect for your pet and you.

Clients may reach customer service via snail mail or email to communicate. Nationwide even has a presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to get in touch with customers. Furthermore, they present a vigorous FAQs segment on their website.


Q. Does pet insurance nationwide cover spaying?

Ans. Yes, it does! The Whole Pet with Wellness plan presents coverage for neutering and spaying. However, Major Medical, Major Medical with Wellness, and the Whole Pet plans don’t cover spaying for any pet.

Q. Where to find the claim form for nationwide pet insurance?

Ans. For filing a claim for nationwide pet insurance, policyholders can visit the nationwide pet insurance website. However, they have to download and finish the form there, returning it with an invoice through fax, mail, or email.

Q. Does it cover an emergency visit?

Ans. Few plans from nationwide pet insurance cover emergency visits, including illnesses and accidents, based on the problem requiring treatment. However, you may contact their representative or go through nationwide pet insurance reviews for further details.

Q. Is Nationwide Pet Insurance good?

Ans. Nationwide pet insurance presents economical pet insurance for cats, dogs, and different exotic animals. It even has older animal coverage, yet there might be high premiums and limited plans. Thus, if you’re searching to ensure several lets or if you have a nationwide policy beforehand, you may hope to get discounts.

Q. How do you purchase Nationwide’s pet insurance?

Ans. You may buy Nationwide’s pet insurance right from its website. First, you’ve to tap on the menu towards the Page’s top ‘get a Quote.’ Next, you’ve to put a few initial details like your contact details, pet’s age, pet type, and zip code to avail yourself of a quote.


Pets are a source of unconditional love and companionship. So to protect them, most individuals nowadays wish to buy insurance for the tiny bundles of happiness to provide them with standard medical attention. Hence, if you have any pets, you may insure them with nationwide insurance for pets. Their plans are a perfect way for keeping your pets in good health by covering the veterinarian bills for scheduled care.

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