What to Do When Someone Keeps Asking for Money

We all earn to live a peaceful and happy life. Money is the essence of everything in our lives. Some make more, while some fail to save their money. Hence, they come up with a situation when they are broke and thus turn up as friends or relatives asking for money. Money is responsible for breaking many relationships. Hence, no matter how close your relative is with you when they ask for monetary favor, it becomes an awkward situation for you.

You cannot say ‘No’ on their face and at the same time want to get away from the case. However, there is one thing you must understand; you are not earning money to give unreturned loans to your friends and loved ones. Therefore, you must treat the situation lightly.

What to Do When Someone Keeps Asking for Money


9 Tips to Politely Say ‘No’ When Someone Asks for Money

Create a Rule:

One of the easiest ways when friends keep asking for money is that you rule from the very beginning that you are against giving money to anyone. It will help you get away from the awkward position as they will know your intentions beforehand. It will also help you not feel guilty. However, if you give money to someone and not to others who need it, you will face a lot of bad relationships. Hence, you must clearly state even to your loved ones and relatives that no matter what happens, you will not part away from your money unless you want to give it on your own.

Respond Immediately:

If you do not want to give money to anyone who is asking for it, make your intentions clear instantly, else the person will be thinking, that there are chances of getting it. Hence, when you find your poor relatives asking for money, do not hesitate to answer as it is also wrong to keep them hanging. Moreover, you cannot take your sweet time in gaining the courage to say ‘No’ to your friends and relatives as they will be in a cloud about whether you will ultimately give them the money or not. Therefore, you have to handle the situation on your own as at the same time you will not like to offend them. Hence, if your friend keeps asking for money, you can directly tell them ‘No.’ However, if your relatives ask for money, take some time and then give your answer as it may result in a bad relationship.

Be Clear:

It would help if you were clear about what you are saying to someone who keeps asking for money. Once you tell the person that you do not want to loan money to people who do not intend to pay it back, he will stop asking you. Hence, it is better to say it on the face rather than beating behind the bush. However, in saying so, you need to be firm and polite at the same time. It would help if you did not let your friend or relative start an argument, thus ending the relationship. Hence, you must understand that people who ask for money for the first time will continue to do so in the future. Therefore, if you tell them firmly initially, they will not come back to you again for money.

You Must be Aware of What You Can Give:

If you receive requests constantly from your friends and relatives regarding money, you must make it a habit not to fall prey to them. However, if you see any of your family members always asking for money and you cannot say ‘No’ to them, it is better to create a special fund. It will be helpful if you keep aside a certain sum of money every month that you are willing to give. However, if you again get a request for money during the month, you need to be firm and tell the person that you have already given the money you have kept aside, and hence you do not have any further funds to provide. You can thus create a rule while giving money to your family members.

It will be best that you specify clearly in advance the amount you will be providing, and in no case can you increase it.

Offer Alternative Methods of Help:

Sometimes, it is not only money to help your friends and loved ones. You can offer other methods of help that can aid someone in a desperate financial crisis.

It is because you may not be in a situation to help anyone in financial distress. Therefore, if you find your brother always asking for money, try and find out how you can help without money. You can do so by preparing a budget for him or a piece of financial advice. You can also take some services from them like teaching your children or babysitting them. Hence, you will find several ways to see that you are giving money, but it is only for a service that you are getting from them.

Hence, if you say that you cannot help financially but can offer something to return any services, it will greatly help your family member will also not feel ashamed of taking money from you without any reason.

Pay Bills Instead of Giving Hard Cash:

Many people cannot manage their expenses, and hence at the end of each month, they fall short of their budget. It leads to non-payment of bills and other costs. They run into debt and hence fall prey to the financial crisis. As an individual and a family member, you can solve the problem. However, it would be best not to give money because it will not solve the problem. Instead, if you want to help, you can pay their necessary bills at the end of each month. You must also ensure that the other family members do not access your account.

Always Consider Your Relationship:

If you get a request from people asking for money, you must consider your relationship with that person. If you are close to the person and do not want to make it a habit to ask for money, you must clearly state it initially. However, if you wish the individual to become emotional, you can give him the money first. You must also ensure that the individual knows about your intention and that it is the first and last time. It would help if you did not indulge in activities by donating to people you do not know. Therefore, if you want to say ‘No’ to a person requesting money, do not be rude as you do not know his financial crisis. Instead, it will be better if you are polite and diplomatic in your approach so that the individual does not feel hurt.

Discuss Less About your Finances:

If someone is aware of your sound financial position, it becomes difficult to say ‘No,’ especially if the individual is close to you. Hence, when they ask for money, you feel awkward, and if you say ‘No’ on the face, you may feel guilty. However, you must keep yourself away from people who ask for money and are not known to you. It would help if you immediately told them to stop asking for money. Hence, you should speak less about your financial status in public. Many people will try to take advantage of the situation and ask for money. There is no need for people to know how much you make in a month or a year. It will unnecessarily attract people who will start blackmailing you emotionally. You must be polite and firm, and there is no need to feel guilty if you are unable to help your friends or loved ones financially.

Do not Always Trust your Emotions:

There may be situations when you get a request from someone you did not accept. One such problem is if a girl keeps asking you for money. It is a negative signal as you must know that girls maintain a certain level of self-respect. So, when a girl requests you to give her money, you must first identify the need. The girl dares to ask for money from someone not adequately known to her. There can be two situations; either the girl needs money, or it is just emotional blackmail. Hence, before jumping to a conclusion and ending up losing all, you must do proper research on the actual truth. Once you are satisfied, you can move ahead with the proposal. You must also understand that unless girls are in dire need, they will never ask for money.


Saying ‘No’ to family members can be difficult and embarrassing. Your close relatives indeed expect something from you if you are financially stable. However, it does not mean that you are earning for your relatives. You have your own family, and hence your family is your priority, and the rest will follow according to your feelings for others.

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