How to Stop Buying Stuff You Don’t Need

You can reduce expenses in a variety of ways, such as by avoiding spending more money, finding ways to reduce the amount of money spent, or finding ways to reduce the amount of money needed to live daily. Whatever you choose to reduce expenses, the important thing is to keep focused on your financial goals and not get discouraged when expenses seem to creep up again. Remember, the more you save, the sooner you’ll reach your aim.

Reducing expenses by not spending money on needless stuff is one of the best ways to save money. When it comes to finances, the first place most people look to cut costs is their spending. If you aren’t careful, you can end up losing money or spending more than you need. You don’t have to start spending a fortune on clothing you don’t wear, eating out all the time, or taking expensive vacations. In fact, there are many ways to save money.

Top 10 Ways How to Stop Buying Stuff You Don’t Need


How to Stop Yourself From Buying Stuff

So, here are the top 10 ways how to stop yourself from buying stuff: –

1. Avoid the temptation:

If you know what I mean, we all tend to rampage on unnecessary things. We can stop this by not using online shopping websites often or going to the mall in our leisure time. Wandering pointlessly leads to needless spending so avoid taking the usual route lined with fancy cafes instead take the residential path. Explore new hobbies to do in your leisure time. Avoid aimless browsing through Amazon, Walmart, and other shopping sites. Keep yourself busy. Get a planner and plan your day to keep yourself busy doing productive things. The best way not to buy objects of no use is to avoid temptation.

2. Set a financial goal:

You all would agree with me when I say that being financially independent is very important but spreading our earnings wisely is more important. You need to set a financial goal every month and always aim for something big. Save a particular amount of your monthly earnings. Keep a limit on the amount of money you spend on buying stuff. This is one of the most effective ways how to not buy things.

3. Declutter often:

Decluttering often is very important. What may be kept in your wardrobe for months and is of no use to you may come in handy to someone else. Donate your things to others, give away your stuff to friends, and family or you can sell the items on websites. Reuse the things you already have. This will save other unnecessary expenses.

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4. Take inventory:

Make a list of all the things you own from the hidden boxes in the corner of the cupboard to the piles of crap shoved in your storeroom. Once you do this you will realize the amount of unnecessary stuff you have. Get rid of all the useless stuff, and donate things you don’t use. You will be amazed to see how little you exactly need and when you learn that you have all you need your mind will automatically stop you from wasting your money on objects you don’t need.

5. Track your expenditure:

The more you track the money you are spending the better organized you are. You need to analyze whether in your current budget you can buy the things you want. Unless you have a huge budget do not invest inexpensive things. Budgeting is an essential lesson in our lives. It helps you have a breakdown of your earnings and expenses. Set aside some amount of your earnings for your basic needs and save some of it. Later, you can spend the rest but, be wise.

6. Show gratitude:

Be mindful when you are spending your money on stuff. You should learn to be grateful for everything you have in your life. Take pleasure in small things in life. When you start to notice and be thankful for the little objects you have you tend to stop investing in useless stuff. You learn to stay happy with the existing things. This way you also are less likely to use money as a way to replace your emotional voids.

7. Set a waiting period:

Do you know the feeling when you are watching your favorite show and you desperately want to click on the next episode when one episode ends? Yes, this is the feeling you need to get over. When you are constantly browsing websites, you tend to shop more than you need. Give yourself at least a 24-hour break, try to divert yourself, and trust me you will be shocked how quickly the urge to shop more vanishes. All it takes is self-control and once you master this art you will stop buying stuff you don’t need.

8. Find other ways to boost your mood:

Shopping is addictive. Sometimes we tend to go to the malls even if there is no need for new things. This habit is popularly known as window shopping is habit-forming. Apart from this we also spend most of our time browsing different websites, exploring expensive cafes, and much more. Instead, we should try and find other options to spend our time. Taking your pet for an evening walk, cooking, and watching documentaries can be some exciting ideas to do. Find some other passion like reading for that matter, it can turn out to be an effortless way to boost your mood.

9. Practice minimalism:

Firstly, question yourself. Why do I buy so much stuff? Is it really necessary? This way you will get half the answers to your questions. Minimalism is an art, being happy with what you have is a great quality we all should inculcate in our everyday lives. For example, having minimum clothes helps you wear the same in unique ways, it will trigger your creativity. Try to experiment with the things you have with you instead of being greedy.

10. Look at the bigger picture:

The biggest problem is that nowadays we lose track of our bigger goals as it exists in our imagination. To keep the bigger picture in mind we need to make everyday decisions on our expenses and set our priorities. Keep reminding yourself of the bigger picture rather than spending all your money on small objects. Whatever motivates you to save your money, make a visual image of it and visit it regularly. At the end of the day, each penny we save makes a big difference.


The best way to save money is to learn to live a frugal life. The most important thing is to build a habit of saving money. You should also learn to be happy with what you have. You should try to minimize your expenses and find other ways to boost your mood. When you take control of your spending you can save a lot of money. You can make your life easier by choosing the right things to buy. You should also start prioritizing your expenses and make decisions on what to buy.

The secret is to stop spending money on unnecessary stuff and start making smart decisions. It is not that difficult; you just need to be determined and put in a little effort. We all have the ability to control our spending habits, it is all about learning and practicing.

Now that you know the top 10 secrets on how to stop buying stuff, it is time to put them into practice. There are no shortcuts in this journey, but if you are persistent enough, you will succeed. The first step is to make a budget and stick to it. You should also set a goal to save a specific amount of money every month.

Happy saving! Thanks for reading this article.

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