Red Arrow Loans Reviews: Is Red Arrow Loans Legit?

There are several reasons why people take loans. At some point, all of us get held up in a financial crisis that seems to get stretched ahead of the limit. One such loan lending company is Red Arrow Loans. Through this company, there is no need to visit hundreds of websites, spend hours driving to loan companies, and waste time on paper works.

red arrow loans reviews

With Red Arrow Loans one can speed up the process of lending as well as receiving the funds. The days of filling forms, scanning, faxing, and waiting are over. Red Arrow Loans is an American Loan company that is in the form of a loan aggregator network. They have been helping the people of the United States for over 4 years as of this time.


About Red Arrow Loans

This loan aggregator allows one to apply to several loan lenders within their network with just a single application. They allow their customers to borrow loans up to a maximum of $35,000 with up to a two-year maturity scheme. They provide a minimum employment income source of $800 along with a credit score of 540. One can borrow a loan amount anywhere from $500 to the maximum of $35,000 as mentioned above. This is a great opportunity if you are looking for some short-term or emergency loan options.

Qualification and Requirements

To get approved for a loan from the lenders at Red Arrow Loans, one will need to meet the following requirements: –

  • Minimum age – The minimum age to borrow a loan here at Red Arrow Loans is 18 years.
  • Citizenship- It is required for the person to be a citizen of the US. If one doesn’t hold a green card or is not a legal citizen, then he cannot apply for a loan.
  • Military Personnel not approved- Lenders in true American Loan, unfortunately, do not lend loans to military personnel.
  • Minimum income bracket- The minimum loan bracket should be 800 dollars. You can get the loan approved if and only if you have this minimum monthly income.
  • Minimum credit score- A minimum credit score of 540 is a must to apply for a loan. If you have a higher score then there will be other lenders who will be willing to offer better terms.

Application Process for Red Arrow Loans

The application process for Red Arrow Loans is very simple and quick. They understand that customers require quick loans and hence they keep their process fast and precise. They process most of the applications in the blink of an eye. The best part is they do not ask for high-interest rates and yet provide high upper limits. The kind of process they have is unique when compared to other competitors. When you go through their application process you realize that they aim to bring lenders and borrowers on the same platform thus keeping the process as simple as possible.

Red Arrow Loans require their borrowers to enter all the details including, the amount, repayment tenure, and valid contact information. The customers are required to agree to the terms and conditions s which are pretty straightforward to understand. There are about 32 pieces of details needed to be filled in. Later you will be asked about gross income and some personal details. It is as simple as that. But make sure to go through all details.

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Is Red Arrow Loans Legit?

It cannot be directly established if Red Arrow Loans is a scam or is legit. They are not RBI-regulated entities so not much can be said. However, their establishments mostly act under DSA i.e., Direct Selling Agents which come under the NBFCs, which is safe and legit but not as much as an RBI regulated entity.

It is not easy to find a legitimate lender these days. With so many scams and frauds, it gets difficult to distinguish between real lenders and fake ones. It is for this reason that you need to do your research before choosing a company to get a loan from.

The best way to find out if Red Arrow Loans is legit is by visiting their website and reading their reviews. You can also check their BBB rating which will tell you if they have any complaints filed against them or not.

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Red Arrow Committee

The purpose of the next paragraph is to provide an overview of the Red Arrow Loans committee. This committee was created to provide loans to small businesses in the area. The committee is made up of representatives from different businesses and organizations in the area. The committee meets once a month to discuss different loans and ways to improve the lending process and select new charities to support. Red Arrow Loans committee is a group of professionals who donate their time and resources to lend support to worthy causes.

The New Document Purpose is to introduce the company Red Arrow Loans committee and its goals. The committee was founded to provide better lending options to low-income individuals and families. They have a goal of providing $5 million in loans every year. The purpose of the Red Arrow Loans committee is to provide loans to small businesses to help them grow and expand. The committee was created to help create jobs and stimulate the economy, and it has so far been very successful.

Are Red Arrow Loans Safe?

Although there are many options for getting a personal loan, you may be wondering if Red Arrow Loans is safe. Red Arrow Loans is safe and secure and has been in the business of providing loans for quite a few years. When you apply for a loan with Red Arrow Loans, your information is protected by a 256-bit SSL encryption, which is the same level of protection that is used by banks. Additionally, Red Arrow Loans is a member of the Online Lenders Alliance (OLA), which is a trade association that promotes best practices in the industry. They have a great reputation for being one of the best and most secure sources for a personal loan. You can be sure that you will be getting a fair deal when you work with Red Arrow Loans.

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Pros and Cons of Red Arrow Loans

Here are some positives and negatives about this loan-providing company: –


  • You can borrow loans between $500 – $35,000.
  • Extensive range of loan amounts.
  • Quick and fast application process.
  • The process offered is easy and direct.


  • The loan scheme is limited only to the citizens of The US.
  • They do not offer loans to military personnel.


Red arrow loans are a type of loan that has become more popular in the last few years. These loans are typically used by small businesses that need to borrow money to start or expand their businesses. The main advantage of using a red arrow loan is that the interest rate is usually lower than other types of loans. However, there are a few disadvantages to using a red arrow loan as mentioned above.

Red Arrow Loans are a great way for consumers to get access to funds quickly. This type of loan is perfect for people who need money for short-term needs, such as paying for a car repair or fixing a broken pipe. Red arrow loans are a great way to get the money you need to start your business or purchase a home.

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