How to Make Money With Your Car

Are you financially unstable at the moment and looking for a way to make some cash? You might think of taking more jobs, requesting extra hours at work, or selling your car. You could try all these options, but a much easier way you can consider is turning your liability into a money-making machine. You probably wonder what I am talking about; it’s your car. That fancy car could do more than just transport you to places. Your vehicle might solve all your financial problems if you know the right ways to make money with it.

You likely already know that working as an Uber driver or for a company that delivers groceries or meals is a way to earn some additional cash. Beyond that, there are numerous ways to use your car to make extra money. Remember that you may need to report any other income from these activities to HMRC and pay taxes. Consult an impartial financial counselor if in doubt. You might also need to inform your insurer if you use your automobile for some of the listed activities.

The list of profitable businesses you could run with your vehicle is long, and this article will discuss some of them. If you are not comfortable using your car for commercial use, there are other options you can try to make some extra cash. But if you do not have a problem sharing your car or using it for commercial purposes, this article is for you.

How to Make Money With Your Car

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How to Make Money With Your Car

With that said, let’s talk about several ways you can make money with your car. First, let us begin with the common ways many people already know about;

Becoming a Driver for Uber or Lyft:

One of the most obvious and well-liked ways to increase your income is to join the fleet of drivers connected to app-based taxi services. Uber and Lyft are two of the biggest businesses, and both are accessible in a few international places.

The requirements vary significantly depending on where you are and whatever app you decide to use. Some states mandate that vehicles be in perfect condition and not older than a particular number of years.

You’ll need to log in with your preferred ride-hailing app to learn more. However, both Uber and Lyft make their general standards clear on their websites.

With the Uber/Lyft driving business, drivers can earn between $15 to $22 per hour, and depending on the star rates, you could make even more per hour.

Work for Food Delivery and Pick-up Services:

Another well-liked alternative for drivers wishing to make extra money is to deliver food using a specialized app like UberEATS, DoorDash, or PostMates.

Although you don’t need to own a car to work as an associate for one of these apps, it simplifies things and increases the area you can deliver to. With your vehicle, it’s much easier and faster to make the deliveries.

Aside from the salary earned from the business in a month, you may get tips and excellent reviews from customers for delivering on time and being nice.

Shop for Groceries:

Many on-demand grocery delivery firms offer qualified drivers part-time employment options.

For instance, Shipt guarantees same-day delivery (sometimes in as little as one hour) nationwide and in specific locations. You may earn money shopping for Shipt members by signing up as a Shipt shopper.

Similarly, you can work as an Instacart personal shopper, which employs the same fundamental idea. You have the option of using Instacart as a full-service or in-store shopper. Only the first one needs access to a vehicle.

The options listed above are some of the commonly known vehicle businesses you can do to make some extra money. These options are good, but several other ways to make money with your car are available.

Airport Shuttle Service:

You could specialize in transporting people to and from the airport. You do not need to be a driver for Uber or Lyft before you can do this; all you have to do is register with the proper authority and have a suitable license to drive. You may need a car that can accommodate a lot of luggage as you might need to transport them.

If you do not have the time for this business, you could hire a driver for the shuttle service and pay him a certain percentage of the profit. You’ll need to open an account with the airport for passengers to request your services and also a bank account for them to pay in.

Car Rental Service:

If you don’t want to drive your car to make money, you could rent it out to companies that provide rental services. You may only use your car for your weekly supermarket run because you dislike driving. Or you spend a lot of time working away from home.

You might even fill in for shifts that prevent you from using your automobile throughout the workweek. If so, it would be worthwhile to rent a car.

Getaround and Turo are some apps that connect vehicle owners with those requiring them.

Perhaps as a one-time excursion to visit their college-age children, to transport bulky stuff to a tip, or simply to conduct daily business.

Your car might be rented out for as much as $30 per day, but you must make sure your auto insurance coverage permits this.

Wrapping Your Car With Advertising:

You may make several hundred dollars a month by functioning as a moving billboard; it may seem a little eccentric and may not be for individuals who prefer not to attract the attention of passersby.

Vehicle owners can register with companies like the app-based service Wrapify, which connects them with businesses wishing to advertise along your normal route (for example, your daily commute to the office).

You don’t have to cover your entire car with a company poster. Although a “complete car wrap” is undoubtedly the most lucrative choice, it’s also possible to promote with just a rear window decal. Wrapify offers “Lite,” “Partial,” and “Full” wrap coverage levels. Depending on the client and the distance you go, these levels pay you differently each month. You can read more about how to wrap your car for the money if interested.

Become an Amazon Flex Delivery Driver:

Amazon is one of the largest online stores that many users shop from. Its demand is increasing along with that of Amazon consumers, who are looking for faster and faster delivery of their items as time goes on.

While drone delivery is a thing in some regions, Amazon still uses regular people as “delivery partners” through its Amazon Flex program. By registering and using the Amazon Flex app, you can specify your availability hours. Then, you have to show up at the warehouse to pick up the products that need to be delivered, use the app to scan them, and load them into your car. Even GPS is included in the app to guide you to the delivery spot.

You can spare a few hours of your day to run some delivery for them, and in return, you get paid for the service.

Help People Transport Furniture or Heavy Load:

You might get paid as a casual mover, depending on the size of your vehicle. The best vehicles for these uses are cargo vans and pickup trucks.

You can set your fees by publishing an ad on a local job board (like Craigslist) or another city-specific forum. Of course, if something goes wrong, you’ll be held completely responsible.

A different choice is to work with an app like TaskRabbit that guarantees your courier tasks. Using one’s vehicle often entitles Taskers to a higher fee.

Additionally, be sure you are comfortable lifting heavy goods (and physically capable).

You can also use your automobile to transport people’s rubbish away, but you’ll need to research disposal options and prices in your area. The cost of disposing of objects at a dump varies.

Loan Your Car for Hollywood:

As fancy as this might sound, you can make a lot of money from loaning your car out for movie productions, events, and filmmaking. If you have a classic car, you can lend your automobile out for usage in the commercial, TV, and film industries by registering it with a website like MovieTimeCars or CinemaVehicles. This can be profitable if you drive a vintage or historically accurate vehicle. For simple background shots in historical films, set designers frequently need to locate historically authentic vehicles.

You might not get a chance to star in a movie, but your car could.

Work for a Service That Transports Kids Around:

HopSkipDrive, a service created by three working parents that are only for child transportation, is another choice that is comparable to Uber and Lyft. Other requirements specified on their website for “CareDrivers” include being over 23 and having five or more years of childcare experience.

If you don’t live in a region that HopSkipDrive currently serves, you can also check for advertisements for kid-transporting services on reliable websites for childcare providers like

You have to be in charge of the kids while transporting them, ensuring they are comfortable and safe. Kids can be difficult to care for, so as a Caredriver, you must be patient with kids and understand what they need.

Rent Out Your Parking Space:

For a moment, put your car out of your mind and consider the space it takes up. You might charge commuters to use a parking spot available on your property. This is more likely possible if you live close to a train station, a bustling town center, a place of entertainment, or a sports arena.

Ask around and check online forums for rates. Some suggest that you might make up to $200 each month. But that’s more likely to happen if you live in a big metropolis.

Medical Transportation Service:

The elderly and those whose health prevents them from driving could frequently benefit from safe transportation to and from doctor’s visits. You might need to consider this option if you have a ramp or a readily accessible car.

In addition to making a lot of money and probably hiring more people depending on how big you want the business to be, launching a medical transportation business can significantly improve the quality of life for many elderly and disabled patients.

Rent Out Your Parking Permit:

Permits for on-street parking are frequently used. However, you shouldn’t presume that you can rent out the one given to you.

Before renting out your permit, confirm the details of your agreement with the local government.

You might discover that it’s forbidden to sell your guest parking space.

If the parking attendants are vigilant, they can notice the identical vehicle parked in a visiting slot and report it, getting you and your client into trouble.

Why You Should Make Money With Your Personal Car

Like it was mentioned, if you need quick cash and you are looking for a way to earn money without borrowing from a friend or the bank, you could consider using your car for some of the commercial purposes listed above.

If you enjoy spending time in your car and want to turn the time spent into some money, you could also consider these options. Instead of driving around the city alone, you could drive around with some people, make new friends, and make some extra cash.

These options might solve your financial debts if you have an automobile loan. With the extra money you make from the car, you can pay off your loans little by little till they’re all covered. Ensure the insurance company knows every activity you choose to run with the car.

The money you get from these options can cover other expenses you might have, and you won’t have to worry about your finances anymore.

By signing up for Uber or Lyft, you get to transport people around the city. It helps drivers gain more driving experience and explore the city. If you love adventure, it might be a good idea for you to try.


If you own a car and want to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses at the pump and help with your car payment, there are many choices available. Make some money while driving your automobile by utilizing the gig economy.

Till you discover those that are most worthwhile, think about experimenting with other possibilities. Make sure your car insurance is current, though, before you proceed. Also, do not forget to register with the right authorities before starting any of these businesses. Remember to pay taxes and dues where required, and whatever you choose to do with your car, do not forget to always take your car for servicing and repairs.

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