Juniper Credit Card Review

A credit card is a card issued by banks or a company that deals with a credit card that gives you a certain amount of money for purchasing goods and services. One such credit card is a juniper credit card. Juniper credit card is issued by juniper bank or Barclays bank which gives you a certain amount of money for purchasing goods and services. The credit card may have a limited cash transaction which comes along with an interest and a due date. If you do not pay back the money you borrowed along with the interest on the due date, the interest keeps developing. A credit may be used at many places like restaurants, shopping complexes, drug stores, movie theatres, etc. It is a very famous, rich-featured credit card. Let’s learn more about the juniper credit card.

Juniper Credit Card


About Juniper Credit Card

Juniper credit card was manufactured and issued by the bank juniper. There are many juniper cards available in the market and each card has a different condition set by the owner. Juniper card provides you with various offers and many different rates as they partner up with different credit cards for their consumers’ comfortability. The juniper credit card has a unique customer service tab that will answer your questions about credit cards to the credit card score frequently.

If one asks for an example of what a juniper card is, here is a good example to show you the advantages. Juniper card has a good deal with the iTunes rewards.  Like every other credit card juniper card too has the advantages like no annual fees and interest-free purchases for 90 days. But you will not want to look into the information of this advantage when you know the deal with iTunes. Any consumer will receive an iTunes reward with each purchase and two iTune points for all the money they spend in their local Apple Store.

About The Juniper Bank

With such exciting information about the juniper credit card, who would not want to know about the founder of the creator and the first manufacturer of juniper cards?  Juniper bank was founded in the year 2000 it is presently acquired by Barclays. When the bank started in the year 2000 it was funded by Benchmark Capital. In 2002 the company decided to sign in with AirTran Airways for the production of credit cards and offer its consumers a better option in the market. However, the bank was owned by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce partially in 2001. Interesting, is it? Yes, it is true.

Half of the company right after its founding year was acquired by a different company. The juniper bank invested a massive 455 million for the marketing of a US-based credit card. In 2002 the juniper bank sued the Canadian Imperial Bank for their not fair terms on the new proposal they had given.  However presently the company is all under one company, Barclays. Barclays bought the juniper company in 2004. And currently, the largest credit card issuer in the United States.

Bank Offers Provided by Juniper Credit Card

Here are four samples of credit card bank offers provided by juniper bank.

1. Barclaycard Arrival Plus MasterCard:

This card is designed for people who travel and you will not have any annual fee for the first year. This card requires a minimum of 700 credit scores and plenty of travel rewards. The annual fee of $89 comes to you in the second year.

2. Lufthansa Airlines MasterCard:

This particular card provides you with 2 award miles for every dollar you spend on the airline ticket which you purchase from the Miles and More Airline Partner. These award miles provided can not only be redeemed at Lufthansa but also on Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, SWISS, and other partners. This card too comes with $89 as the annual fee.

3. Wyndham Visa Card:

Wyndham is a different and special kind of credit card that gives its consumer five Points on each dollar spent at the Wyndham Vacation Rental North America Properties. Every consumer will receive a stunning 6000 points each year on the account’s anniversary. Unbelievably the APR is 0 for the first six months but comes with an annual fee of $75.

4. NFL Extra Points Visa Card:

This card is a dream come true for NFL fans. As this card gives rewards which include two-time points at the NFL and certain team purchases both online and offline. These rewards or points can be redeemed when you want to buy an NFL ticket or gift cards etc.  The most attractive part of this card is having no annual fee charges and also the APR for the first six months is Zero.

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How to Apply for Juniper Credit Card?

It is common for any credit card or bank or any other platform to have a common website where you can log in for the details. One can simply apply for Barclays on any of the credit cards by just visiting When you go to the website you will require to sign up for the app and create a profile for yourself. If you’re an existing customer but haven’t applied for the card yet you must log in to the app. Once you create a profile for yourself you must give necessary and basic details about your profession, your home address, your income, etc.

When you enter your home address you must provide the right proof to prove your identity and your residential address and only then your credit card will be approved. After you fill in all the details, you will receive a text or a call regarding the same and under 24 you will be approved for the card. You must be very careful when you apply for a credit card in case, you’re using a public hotspot as nowadays it is very easy to access your confidentiality. Also, be ready with your Social Security number when you’re applying for a credit card as it makes your time applying for the card easier and better.

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Juniper Card Overview

As we have all learned so far juniper credit cards are quite more in number and each of them has different specifications and uses. Juniper card uses a very familiar system for its credit card for the offers and rewards. Juniper credit card joins hands with many different companies to offer its consumers a lot of reward cards. As we learned above, each card has different interest rates and offers an annual fee but you’re the one who has to choose a card precisely based on your needs. One must know that Barclays bank bought Juniper bank in 2004 but there is information about juniper bank on google even though Barclays bank changed its name to Barclays Bank Delaware. Anyone who searches about juniper card reviews or juniper bank or juniper credit cards will be amazed by the wealth of information provided on their website.


The juniper credit card is travel, online purchase rewards card that will help you earn points and use them toward your expenses. The card has a wide range of benefits, including the option to redeem your points for gift cards, cash back, and statement credits. Apart from this, it has all the basic features provided by every credit card. The best credit cards can make you money. The worst leave you broke.

We hope this article helped you find the best credit card for your lifestyle, not just your credit score. From cashback cards for frequent usage to frequent shopping rewards, we have shown you how to maximize the benefits of your credit cards without going into debt.

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