How and Where to Buy Doge Killer (LEASH) Coin

Doge Killer, aka LEASH, was set off as the opposition to eliminate DOGE/ Dogecoin. The SHIB/ Shiba Inu ecosystem developed into the canine-inspired second-largest crypto market coin. LEASH or Doge Killer and cryptocurrencies such as SHIB and BONE have spotlighted the 2021 crypto space. So, if you wish to know how and where to buy LEASH coins, you’ll get all the details here.

How and Where to Buy Doge Killer (LEASH) Coin


About Doge Killer (LEASH) Coins

Dogecoin has noticed its competitors and imitators share, and the most renowned one is Shiba Inu and the token, SHIB. Others comprise two tokens known as Doge Killer having token names LEASH and KILLDOGE. KILLDOGE never faced high value. However, in 2021, LEASH saw trading at about $8000 for a single token. Nevertheless, how it is ruling presently and can kill Dogecoin supports renowned names like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk. LEASH or Doge Killer works about Ethereum Blockchain. Scarcity is its real appeal as a very little 1, 07,647 coins supply which turns it extremely volatile. Furthermore, Dogecoin Killer also holds some whale accounts, which might suddenly impact the price. Now let’s proceed toward where and how to buy LEASH coins.

Where and How to Buy Doge Killer Coins?

Do you want to know how and where to buy doge killer? Following are the steps that you need to follow thoroughly:

1. Enroll in Fiat-to-Crypto Exchange:

You’ll have to initially purchase one among the multiple cryptocurrencies, in this event, Ethereum aka ETH. In this context, you’ll detail two of the most generally-utilized Fiat-to-Crypto Exchanges, i.e., Coinbase and These exchanges hold their payment policies and other characteristics, which you’ll read in detail. It would be best to try both, using the most suitable one for you.

2. Purchase ETH using Fiat money:

After you’re done with the KYC procedure, you’ll have to include your payment mode. Here, you may select to offer a debit or credit card or go for a bank transfer. Also, you might be charged excessive charges while utilizing cards, yet you’ll even carry out an immediate purchase. However, bank transfers are usually cheaper yet slower, based on the resident country, few countries shall present instantaneous cash deposits with reasonable fees.

Now you’re all set, tap on the button ‘Trade’ towards up left, and select Ethereum, thereby confirming your transaction. Congratulations, you’ve successfully initiated your initial Crypto purchase.

3. Transfer ETH into Altcoin Exchange:

However, you aren’t done yet; as Doge Killer is an Altcoin, you’ve to transfer the Ethereum into an exchange with which you may trade LEASH. So where to buy Leash Coins? Here, BitForex has been utilized as Exchange. BitForex is a renowned exchange for trading Altcoins with substantial tradable Altcoins number pairs.

4. Deposit Ethereum to Exchange:

Based on the exchange policies, you may have to go via an additional KYC procedure, which usually requires half an hour to feasibly some days maximum, even if the process can be effortless and straightforward. After you’re done with this, you must have thorough ingress into the exchange wallet.

You’ll find a box towards the right and a random number string mentioning ‘ETH address,’ a special ETH wallet address at BitForex. Hence, you shall get ETH by providing this address to the person for sending you the finance. To transfer the previously purchased Ethereum on Coinbase to your wallet, right-tap on the complete addresses and select Copy to grab the address to the clipboard.

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At the moment, to know how to buy LEASH Coin, let’s head back towards Coinbase. Move towards the Portfolio page and select ETH on the asset list; select ‘Send’ present towards the right.

Below the recipient field, you’ve to paste your Wallet address from the clipboard, and for safety considerations, you need to check whether both addresses are alike. People are also aware of some computer Malware that may alter the matter in your clipboard to some other wallet address. Therefore, you shall be fundamentally transferring funds to another person.

Tap on ‘Send’ to get going; you’ll receive a verification mail immediately. Tap on that confirmation link; thereby, the coins proceed toward BitForex!

Now head back to BitForex, move to the exchange wallets, and there’s no need to worry if you didn’t find your deposit there. Feasibly, it’s yet going through blockchain network verification which shall take some time for your coins to appear. Based on the system traffic ETH network state, it shall consume even more during busy times.

You shall get a confirmation note from BitForex after your Ethereum has appeared. So now, you’re all set to buy LEASH!

5. Trade Doge Killer:

Now is the final step on how to buy Doge Killer. Move back toward BitForex, then proceed toward ‘Exchange.’ The constant clicking figures may appear scary, yet relax; let’s obtain your heads over this.

You’ll find a search bar; now ensure ‘ETH’ is chosen as you’re dealing Ethereum to Altcoin pair. Tap on it, thereby typing ‘ LEASH,’ and find ETH/ LEASH. Choose that pair, and you’ll find an ETH/ LEASH chart present in the page’s middle.

Below a box shall appear showing a green button mentioning ‘Buy LEASH.’ Select the ‘Market’ tab present in the box here as it’s the easiest buying order. You may choose your deposit portion amount or type the amount you’ll wish to spend on your purchase by tapping the percentage toggles. After you’ve confirmed everything, tap on ‘Buy LEASH.’ Bingo! You’ve finally purchased LEASH!

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Where to Buy Doge Killer Coin?

Other than the above-discussed mediums, you’ll get it here if you wish to know where to buy Doge Killer. You may buy LEASH crypto on Ethereum-friendly crypto exchanges like, Bilaxy, Hotbit, UniSwap, CoinW, Jubi, and BKEX. This is because LEASH is the Shiba Inu ecosystem. One may sell and buy LEASH, aka Doge Killer crypto, with Fiat currencies like USD, GBP, AUD, CAD, EUR, etc, or with Crypto coins like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Ending Words

$SHIB coin or Shiba Inu is a dog-theme ecosystem part that was the initial Dogekiller pack member-initiated in August 2020. It is the foremost cryptocurrency token mentioned in ShibaSwap, a decentralized exchange initiated in 2021. Also, concerning price appreciation, LEASH comes above this SHIB token. You may even search more to get more details about where to buy doge killer.

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